The next-gen automated touchless face attendance system based on Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence enabled computer vision is here. It helps businesses to capture and recognize the face of an employee to provide a carefree check-in. Say hello to the new contactless and secure attendance system.

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Track the attendance of your employees easily with a contactless facial recognition feature. Create a faster, safer, and efficient attendance process that can precisely detect, recognize, 并验证捕获的面部. Backed by AI, 你可以100%准确, secure, and robust touchless system for a safer work environment.

Cloud-Based Management (or) Cloud Compatibility

跟不可靠的电子表格说再见吧. This is a cloud-based touchless attendance system that stores employees’ attendance records along with other data. You can also enjoy remote data management with an easy sync option. The HR team can download the employee documents from the cloud database anytime.


Generate in-depth reports and insights that help you make data-driven decisions. You can even build customizable reports for better insights by applying custom filers as per your requirements. You can also export this information whenever you need it. Based on the data, you can easily keep track of your team and make your HRM a strategic resource.


Seamless API based integration with other HR systems like recruitment time, payroll, employee data, and attendance modules making all your internal HR functions easier to handle. You can also integrate with any of your workflows like slack, G suite directory to make employee management more effective.

Higher Accuracy & Speed

采用人工智能面部识别技术, it can automatically scan multiple employees and you can expect more than 99.在不到一秒的时间内准确率达到9%. It provides you a rapid and accurate way to track the attendance using best-in-class face detection algorithms that are highly accurate in matching multiple attributes of the captured person against the database of the images in the backend.

Email Alerts

The system sends automatic visitor notifications to the employers via email alerting them of the employee check-in. It enables the management to either approve or disapprove the entry if they feel there are any authentication issues. You can track all punch-in attempts either by your employees, anonymous, unknown, or blacklisted individuals with just one instant alert.


A smart solution that carries out employee attendance without any hassles. It is a simple and ready to use software without the need for any external hardware devices. A simple mobile device camera is used for scanning the employees’ faces. With easy download and installation, you can have an instant setup of this system.


The system stores over 100k images ensuring that all your employees’ and visitors’ information is saved securely. And it delivers higher accuracy and precision when an employee checks in. It can detect only one person at a time even when they arrive in groups. It has an in-built algorithm to differentiate people.

Offline Mode

Works even in offline mode and ensures bulk upload of all the data to the cloud once you resume internet connectivity. The updates that are made will be synced with the cloud servers and the changes are pushed on to the central repositories. This is truly beneficial if your connection is flickering, slow, or low.



Easy and Secure

员工数据安全地保存在云端. It can be accessed by only authorized personnel. You can retrieve any record for security purposes.


Employee Safety

Harness the power of a touchless attendance system and run your business safely. Protect your employees’ safety with this contactless check-in solution.


Smart Solution

Uses some of the emerging technologies like Facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence. 未来已经到来.


Highly Flexible

Deploy it in multiple locations and across multiple floors to mark the employees’ attendance. It can also be installed in remote locations with no proper internet access.


Data Security

Employee data stored on the cloud will always be safe and secure with highly advanced and encrypted systems.

Easy Analysis图标

Easy Analysis

Employee logs can be easily tracked by a smartly configured dashboard panel with custom filters for better analysis.

Time-saving icon


It barely takes 3 seconds to recognize and verify your face. You can create an attendance journal in the system alongside the payroll and save precious man-hours.

Error-Free icon


有一个自动化系统, verification and processing of the data become not only easier but also error-free as there is zero manual intervention.



Get the real-time status of your employees like check-in time, check-out time, absence, and more without a time-lag for quick processing and reporting.



Speeds up the employee check-in process and it is also automatic, thereby powering up the efficiency and productivity of the HR department.


Tick Tick Time captures the employee data or information when they check-in to work. 一旦他们进入你的工作空间, you get instant notifications and the data would be safely stored on the cloud. It is safe, secure, and contactless which itself is the need of the hour and even beyond the Pandemic times. It can be effectively deployed in various industrial sectors like Banking and Finance, Education, 政府办公室, 医疗保健行业, 下面列出了更多.

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Tick Tick Time is a touchless attendance system that records the employees’ clock in and out accurately with the aid of face recognition technology.

随着疫情席卷全球, it has become imperative to have a touchless attendance system at the workplace as it makes your workplace safe and secure for your employees. It also reduces the time and helps you understand the employee status better.

Yes. You can also export this information whenever you need it. Based on the data, you can easily keep track of your team and make your HRM a strategic resource. Export data feature supports multiple formats such as CSV, XML, XLS.

Tick Tick Time software is easy to set up and would be ready for use immediately. 你可以自己做. However, our team will be happy to assist you with any sort of support required for your set up.

Yes. This touchless attendance system is powered with cutting-edge Facial technology and Artificial Intelligence to support face recognition even in offline mode.

Yes. Tick Tick Time does provide multilingual support. 目前,它是英文的. Other language customizations can be done based on your own needs.

这取决于员工的数量. 请填写询盘, 详细说明您的需求, and we shall provide you the best quote that fits your organizational structure.

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This touchless attendance system captures and recognizes the face of the employees with AI and facial recognition technology and marks their attendance.

  1. The HR of your company creates profiles of all the employees and saves them on the cloud server of the device
  2. 当员工报到时, he stands in front of the device as it captures the face and recognizes the employee.
  3. Employees check-in and check out details are sent to the cloud on a real-time basis
  4. This information is used to generate attendance reports, 与公司人力资源管理系统同步, and so forth.

Tick Tick Time is developed by the best minds in the industry. 我们有超过20年的经验, 一个经过认证和熟练的开发团队, 成千上万满意的客户, 骄傲的忠诚基础, 24*7技术支持, 灵活的雇佣模式, and a strict NDA.

Tick Tick Time offers a wide range of customizable reports that helps your company make strategic decisions. You can have a number of comprehensive reports with information on attendance, 在/提前退出, 离开/权限, shifts, etc. These reports can be previewed online and also be exported as PDF, word, or excel.

You can gain valuable insights into your employee working patterns. 你的人力资源团队可以做出战略决策, 主动规划资源, 提高工作效率, and help your HR department become a great asset to your business. By making your workplace safe and secure, you can also build a positive reputation for your business.

你不用担心. 不需要手动操作. You can upload bulk employee records which would be saved to the cloud from an excel sheet.

Tick Tick Time has the requisite features that help you track the changes and also store the employee data securely on the cloud. With highly advanced and encrypted systems, your data will be safe and secure.

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